Top Free Apps For Students

The app world is fantastic especially when new and even more effective life changing apps are brought into the scene. With the abundant options on great apps to download, here is our list for top free apps for students. Make your way to that free wifi zone already!

top free student apps


Stay connected with your friends and everyone else using WhatsApp. Not only can you download the app for free, but you can use it in a Wi-Fi zone. The app is also great as it features options to create group chats and to send bulk messages. You can also archive messages to revert to later.

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web


If you’re working on a project that requires large quantities of soft copy documents then Dropbox should be your best mate. On Dropbox you can add an endless amount of large documents and folders for storage and sharing. Here are more storage platforms you can take a look at.

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web

Google Maps

As a student you probably love exploring the city with your friends. But perhaps you do not always know the city as well as you think you do, directions-wise. Download Google Maps to help you get to where you’re going fast, and with the option of alternative routes should you need them.

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web


If you’re doing group work, sometimes you need more of a human touch to your communication if you can’t be in the same room. Get Skype to do video calls with your friends, and also with your family for those that study away from home – definitely helps when you’re feeling homesick. Click here for other VOIP options.

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web


For book lovers and English majors, Kindle is your life saver! The app is free and gives you access to countless free books. So if you’re studying the classics and don’t have the budget to buy hard copies, download Kindle and get the classics you need for free! Click here for more reading apps.

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Device and Web


Not only do we go to school solely for classroom education, but it’s also about making connections and networking for the future. Download and join LinkedIn to set yourself up on an online professional platform. You can also source jobs in your field and find others like you on LinkedIn.

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web

Google Translate

If you’re a language major or enjoy speaking in a foreign language to impress your friends, definitely get acquainted with Google Translate. The app can translate some local and international languages. It will also teach you how properly pronounce words and phrases.

Compatibility: iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Homework Planner

With the Homework Planner you might as well forget using “the dog ate my homework” as an excuse because really, is there ever an actual dog involved? This app helps you keep track of your homework assignments, timetable, grades, and has other nifty features designed to make your life easier.

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Study Cal – Student Planner & Organiser

If you’re an iOS user perhaps you’ll prefer a different planning and organising interface to Homework Planner. Study Cal also helps you keep track of homework assignments, your timetable, and tracks your grades. You even get a cool graph to easily check your grades’ progress.

Compatibility: iOS

Do! – The Best of Simple To Do Lists

Do! has a friendly and playful interface. Not only is it simple to use, but the interface hugely helps make tedious or difficult “to dos” seem fun. Never underestimate the power of visual appeals. You can even customise the font and theme to suit your personality – so much fun!

Compatibility: iOS

By Cleopatra Shava

Know other great free apps for students we haven’t mentioned? Let us know below!

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