Top Ways To Get Fit Without Heading To The Gym

If, like me, you find your typical gym boring and just plain tedious, then check out my list of outdoor alternative ways to work out without having to head to the gym.

An outdoor fitness class in support of good health.

Urban Fitness Outdoor SA – Parkmore

Urban Fitness Outdoor SA offers you a range of health and fitness services that will help you get ready for summer and reach your goal of obtaining that dream body you have always wanted. And, the best bit is all the training, boot camps and workouts are done outside where you can enjoy the fresh air and take in the sunshine! Classes are hosted at various venues around Joburg, so get in contact and find out where you can find your nearest one! Plus, your first class is free – book a free trial today!

For more info, visit their website.

Boot Camp SA – Fourways

Boot Camp SA has “declared war on fat and laziness” by offering a fun and interesting way to help you shed those excess pounds. No machines, lycra, mirrors, or music – training is done outside with a drill sergeant in a military manner to get you motivated! Classes cater for both men and women and offer fitness and nutritional information that will help you on your way to getting the body you have always wanted. They also offer team building activities, school and youth parties and kids parties if your little one is looking for something a little different.

For more info, visit their website.


To help you get into the motion of living a healthier lifestyle and getting fit, TransformHERS boot camp offers you a four-week outdoor fitness programme that will motivate and encourage you as you complete your transformation into a fitter and healthier you. And not only will you be getting in shape, but TransformHERS is also a great place to meet and mingle with new people. Ladies of all sizes, fitness levels and ages are welcome.

For more info, visit their website.

Adventure Boot Camp

If you are a woman looking for a boot camp to kick start your journey to a healthier, fitter and happier you, then be sure to join Adventure Boot Camp for Women. This four-week outdoor exercise programme offers everything you need to get into shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle, from fitness instruction and nutritional counselling to motivational training. Contact them to find out where they host Adventure Boot Camps near you. The next boot camp programme starts on 22 September, so hurry up and register now!

For more info, visit their website.

Extreme Boot Camp – Randburg

If you are bored with the same old, overcrowded gym and are looking for something fun and interesting to add a little spark to your workouts, then why not sign up for Extreme Boot Camp in Randburg! Their boot camp training offers an exciting and unique way to get fit with a variety of different exercises every day that focus on teamwork and using the natural and fresh outdoor environment. The boot camp caters for all ages and fitness levels. Exercises include short distance running, circuits, mat and weight work, core conditioning, fun games and loads of socialising!

For more info, visit their website.

Mushroom Farm Park Green Gym – Sandton

Okay, so working out indoors can be a bit tedious. Space is limited as it’s overcrowded, there’s no fresh air or scenery – so if you are looking for that gym experience out in the open, then be sure to head down to the Mushroom Farm Park Green Gym! This outdoor gym offers equipment for leg presses, chest presses, sliding, stepping, and parallel bars to do some lifting. There is also a running track and free aerobic class if you are looking to get some cardio in for that well-rounded workout.

Crystal paid a visit to the Mushroom Farm Park and absolutely loved being out and about outdoors, click here to see what she had to say.

Commit2Fit – Broadacres

Kick start your journey to that fab summer body with Commit2Fit! Their outdoor boot camp group classes consists of High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT) which will focus on cardio, strength, core and agility training to help you get into shape. They have a variety of different contracts available, ranging from R700 per month for 4 sessions per month just to get a quick burst of exercise into your routine, to eight and twelve week boot camps to get you toned and ready for summer.

For more info, visit their website.

Boot Camp with SSISA – Linden

If you haven’t registered for this boot camp just yet, then be sure you do so if you’re looking to feel the burn! The “one of a kind” previously Cape Town-based Boot Camp with SSISA programme is heading to Johannesburg and Pretoria, and is perfect if you are looking to shake-up your exercise regime, get healthy and in-shape with nature as your gym. This programme lasts for 4 weeks, with military style sessions headed by expert trainers who will motivate and give you a full body workout. Men and women over the age of 15 are welcome and new recruits will get an initial assessment. The next boot camp starts on 13 October, so be sure to book your spot now!

For more info, visit their website.

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By Kim Brown

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