Transport Services For Kids In Joburg

Driving your child to and from school might be all you want for some extra bonding time but reality is, with work it might not be possible. So for when you can’t do the driving yourself, here is a list of transport services for kids to consider.

transport for kids

Mom’s Shuttle

If you live in the Weltevreden Park, Randpark Ridge, Strubens Valley and Ruimsig areas you could entrust Mom’s Shuttle to transport your kids. The shuttle is safe and reliable but the biggest bonus is the mommy driver – who else are you going to trust except another mother?

Rubix Shuttles & Transfers

Situated in different parts of Johannesburg, Rubix Shuttles & Transfers offers scholar transportation. Whether it’s to and from school, to extramural activities or special events, parents can rest easy knowing their kids are being transported safely and reliably.

Have A Safe Trip

Want your kid to ride in style? Try Have A Safe Trip specialised chauffeur services. Not only do these chauffeurs transport kids but also adults to their desired destination. This is a perfect option if your car is in for a service – let them drop off your kids then get dropped off yourself.

Cool Kids Cabs

Not only should you feel safe about your kid’s driver, but your kid definitely needs to feel safe too. At Cool Kids Cabs your kid’s contentment and security are held in high regard. So while you have the peace of mind, your kid actually feels comfortable and relaxed too.

Thoriso Shuttle

Thoriso Shuttle provides transport services for kids at Crawford Schools, Curro Holdings Private School, Newtown House School and North Sands Learning Academy. What better transport service to engage with than one which works closely with the child’s school?

By Cleopatra Shava

Know other transport services for kids not mentioned above? Let us know below!

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