The Ultimate Wardrobe Essentials for Guys

There are a handful of items which the modern man should have at hand in his closet at all times. We’ve compiled a list of all those things – be it business or leisure wear. Have a look and let us know what you think.


A Pair of Slim Chinos

Feel like wearing pants that ooze style and comfort all in one? Look no further than the slim-fit chino. These pants were designed to wear to business meetings, weddings and dinner parties. No wardrobe is complete without it. Grab a pair.

A Pair of Converse All Stars

A man should be judged by the Chuck Taylors All Stars in his closet. There’s a very good reason why these shoes have become cult classic amongst every generation since the 70s. Make sure you have a pair as they are the perfect sneakers to wear to the shops, to the club or to the braai.

An Attractive Watch

Skip on digital and go straight for an analogue watch fitted with a leather strap and crafted by a reputable watchworks fabricator. Remember that the number one rule when choosing a watch is that big time pieces go with metallic bands and that smaller ones go with materials such as leather and nylon straps. The watch to wrist ratio is something to keep in mind as well, so pick a timepiece that fits the size of your wrist.


A Pair of Black Lace Ups

It’s all about the round toe and square heel here. Skip on the square toe bravado and strut to the beat of your own drum. Shoes are not just there to protect your feet but should blend in with what you are wearing. Mismatched shoes can ruin an outfit immediately.

An Infinity Scarf

It’s always best to be prepared for cold days, and that’s why a wool-knit infinity scarf is a must-have. Not only is it stylish but serves a brilliant purpose – to keep your neck warm, of course. Be sure to choose a colour that will fit most of your winter jackets and jerseys – we suggest going for a neutral colour such as grey or brown.

A Well-Rounded Pair of Gloves

Choosing the right gloves for the cold season is trickier than one might think. Things to keep in mind is insulation, dexterity, coverage, practicality and look. When it comes to the appearance of the gloves, be sure to pick one that looks the least like a murder’s choice.


A Good Leather Belt

This item is worth its weight in gold. Make sure that the belt buckle is no bigger than your index, middle and ring fingers put together. If you really want a belt buckle that reads “Everything is Bigger in Texas” then do so at your own discretion. Choose a good quality tanned leather which will not only last but fit the extent of your wardrobe. The belt should be able to fit with your pair of Levi’s on a Saturday and your slim-fit chinos on Monday.

White Button-Up Shirt

Just a plain button-up shirt, pressed and as a white as snow is all there is to it. Look for a shirt without the buttons on the collars – unless you are to appear in court any time soon. This item should be safeguarded, only awoken from its slumber when it is your time to shine. Great responsibility moves with the white button-up shirt.

V -Neck Shirt

The best part about a V-neck is that you can wear it to work or play. The hard and fast rule about picking any kind of short sleeve is the material. You need something that is light and can breath, and feels great against your skin as you strut down the street. Please, just make sure the V is not too low… please.

Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere wool is made from cashmere goats and though it’s pricey is worth every cent spent on the item. Pastel colours fit not only the season but will fit the rest of the content in your closet.


By Shawn Greyling

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