Warm Up Your Home

Sometimes a heater is not enough to warm up a room, and with electricity tariffs increasing, it has become even less favourable to use those contraptions. Don’t feel left out in the cold – check out our winter warmer suggestions.

warm up your home

Living Room

The quickest and easiest way to warm up a living room is by putting a couple of faux fur throws on the couch. Nothing beats the winter blues quite like a good quality throw and a cup of hot cocoa. For added warmth, throw in a good book. Next problem!


Please tell us we’re not the only ones who bounce around on our toes when getting out of the shower. The quickest, easiest and cheapest way to keep your little marshmallows from freezing on the cold tiles is to get a fury little bathroom mat to stand on, when drying yourself off after a hot shower. Just make sure the mat has a rubber bottom because those things tend to stink up a place pretty quickly. And that is how you beat winter in the bathroom.


The kitchen has always been the heart of the house because it breaths warmth and comfort into the entire living space. But sometimes it needs a little accessorising to keep things warm during those cold days. Believe it or not, a big fat kettle makes a world of difference. Besides, you just can’t pass through winter without a litre or three of warm Rooibos.

Dining Room

Candlelit dinners should not be reserved for special occasions. Light a couple of those bad boys during dinner – it’ll create a comfy vibe and emit heat that otherwise would not have been present. Just remember to keep a bucket of sand, a bucket of water and a wet blanket handy just in case you set the curtains on fire. Touch wood. Not today, winter.


Insulation is the name of the game when it comes to keeping the cold at bay. Big, heavy curtains don’t only look pretty, but can serve as a barrier to keep the heat inside. What you’re looking for here is blackout (not block out) curtains that are machine washable, durable and pack a bit of weight… whatever you do, don’t bring candles near the curtains.

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By Shawn Greyling

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