What You Should Know After Graduating

The past couple of years have been academically challenging… sleepless nights, early mornings, studying day in and day out preparing for what every student looks forward to – graduation day! So now that you’ve got that hard earned qualification, what now?
Here are some tips that could help you getting prepped for the real world out there. Oh and congratulations on the achievement.


Your first job might not be what you majored in

Yes, you’ve got that qualification, but that doesn’t mean that there’s employers out there who are obliged to hire you. It will take time, and to start off with, you might not be employed in your field of study, but it’s just a start; a stepping stone for your career. Use the opportunity to gain work experience.

Work on gaining additional skills

While you’re still trying to get your foot in the working world, you might as well start broadening your skills and knowledge. This could also increase your chances on being hired too.

Sort out your finances

Now that you’re able to stand on your own two feet financially, you should also learn to budget, plan and save. The most important lesson to remember here is that your salary will always be smaller than you think AND you will always have more expenses than you think you do. So it’s best to get your finances sorted from the beginning, dealing with student loans and investments too. The earlier you start putting money aside for retirement, the sooner you’ll be able to retire or enjoy your money.

Graduation 2

Deal with success and failure

This is the real world now and there will be more challenges to face than back at varsity. There will be times where you feel on top of the world, while other days  you will want the world to just swallow you up. It’s normal, you just need to accept the situation and learn to deal with it.

Take life seriously, but have fun

This could have a thousand meanings: be professional, keep building and maintaining your friendships, solve your problems and come up with solutions, get a mentor, do things that make you happy and just embrace being independent.


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