2010 Fine Art ™ at SUNCOAST

2010 Fine Art ™ at SUNCOAST

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2010 Fine Art ™ is a visual celebration of the world’s most-watched sporting event and is inspired by the return of the world to Africa.

SUNCOAST will be the only location in Durban to house the full collection, while smaller samples will be available in other KZN locations.

Bringing together leading contemporary artists from around the world and from across Africa, 2010 Fine Art is one of the largest and most ambitious international art collaborations in history.

The two collections – 2010 International Fine Art and 2010 African Fine Art – offer collectors, football fans, and all lovers of great beauty, a unique opportunity to acquire for themselves a piece of the excitement and passion of 2010.

Entry is free entry to the many soccer-lovers and general public in the precinct.

For more information on events taking place at SUNCOAST follow the links alongside.

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