2016’s Top April Fool’s Jokes

As the 1st of April 2016 draws to a close we reflect on the prankster’s holy day. Here’s a list of our favourite fools pulled by local media and other trusted sources…


Cyclists To Have Licence To Ride

IOL Reported in mock-fashion that South African statute now demanded that bicycle riders must go for licences in the same fashion needed to legally drive a motor vehicle.

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MyBroadband Launches 1Gbps Internet Connection

The largest IT news site in the country announced today that it will be taking on cell phone networks in offering the best web connection deal ever … R99 per month for the fastest line in the world? Sounds good.

Joburg Taxis To Get Own Lanes

This one had us fooled for a bit because it sounds fairly believable, right? According to a report by Business Tech, the Gauteng Portfolio Committee for Transport had decided to add another lane dedicated to taxi drivers… not a bad idea, though.

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Heyneke Meyer To Return As Springbok Coach

Eyewitness News pulled a dirty one on April Fool’s when they posted an article that ex Boks coach Heyneke Meyer would be leading our boys in the green and gold again. Not cool, guys…

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Oxford Dictionary To Include New Words

  1. LOYO (abbreviation meaning “laughing on your own”)
  2. fanishment (noun meaning “the state of being blocked by a celebrity on social media”)
  3. Leo’d (Leonardo DiCaprio’s name as a verb, meaningto achieve something after years of trying”)

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