This Valentine’s Everybody Gets Lucky

With chocolate being the symbol for Valentine’s Day, you will not go wrong with Sweet Bouquets’ chocolate bouquets. From double rose to chocolate gardens, the selection process has been made simple for you. Browse through their bouquets and find the best fitting bouquet for your loved one! 


What’s on offer

Send someone a gift of thoughtful sweetness with one of many unique chocolate bouquets to choose from. The Sweet Bouquet has ideal chocolate arrangements to make any celebration deliciously memorable … from birthdays and Christmas to Valentine’s Day and more. Arranged immaculately with only the best quality chocolates, anyone receiving them will feel delighted. Make chocolate bouquets the first and finest choice for every gift.


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Our gift to you

Use your unique discount code – JOBURG for a 20% discount on your order* (valid to all chocolate arrangements and Bouquets ranges).

How to shop

Order these chocolate bouquets online from Remember to order before, 11 February 2016 to ensure deliveries are on time!

Make your gift extra special by adding on checkout items such as Ferrero Rocher and Lindt boxes!

This Valentine’s everybody gets lucky!

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15 thoughts on “This Valentine’s Everybody Gets Lucky

  1. Over the years I have made my peace with the fact that my husband doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body… but what makes him so sweet are the little things… Like coming home with a bunch of flowers for no reason or running me a bubble bath when he knows that I have had a long day… He may not be romantic, but he tries…

  2. Hi

    Arrange for an surprise overnight romantic stay with a champagne breakfast and a hot air balloon right without him knowing.

  3. Steven has the most creative imagination when it comes to birthdays, Valentine’s days and Christmas.

    One birthday he made me boxes with things that all started with the letter of my name. He then hid them all over, in the garage, my boot, he got one of my friends at varsity to give it to me randomly.

    When I got home there was the last box that I couldn’t open until he was there. It was a beautiful watch and lots of chocolates (my favorite) .

    He’s so romantic and I hope with this prize I can do a little something for him.

  4. My hubby send me a bouquet of roses on our wedding day. The message with the bouquet….’ this is the last time you will be receiving flowers as a single women’ 💕

  5. My boyfriend now husband had booked a horse trail for us on the beaches of cape town without even taking an lesson on horse ridding before. He had planned to propose but when he tried to stand up on the horse so he could dig in his pocket for the ring box the horse decided to gallop in the other direction….. was really funny but after being injured in his man area and highly embarrassed as a few people had to get onto horses and try to help him most of them being women ….he did go on his knees and try again an hour later ….bless him !!!

  6. On our 3rd anniversary my then boyfriend (now husband) sent me 36 red roses. A rose for every month we were together. He also made a puzzle of our wedding picture, behind each piece of the puzzle he wrote a reason why he loves me (& the puzzle was over a hundred pieces). Whenever I feel down, all I have to do is read a few puzzle pieces.

  7. Well i got married on the 29/12/12 and it was also my hubby’s birthday. So i decided to suprise him on our wedding day by singing him the song called ‘ Baby im amazed by you’. I made him cry and all our guest

  8. 2014/09/03
    I Will NEVER forget i was so upset with my Boyfriend, it was my 25Th Birthday and i had to get up super early to attend a early meeting across town so i left around 5am leaving him and my 1 year old daughter at the time in bed sleeping!
    Around 11 no calls no sms NOTHING saying happy birthday. I called and smsed him the whole day and just received msgs saying “in meeting, call later” and he never did.
    I got home that PM around 6pm, walked into the house and the house was FULL gorg Flowers Balloons candles sushi and wine! Singing Happy Birthday with my daughter. WAS THE CUTEST thing ever!

  9. I put an advert in the newspaper for my hubby (then boyfriend). Somebody in his office saw the article and told the entire office about it…he was the talk of the office for weeks.

  10. Do not have fond memories of Valentines as my divorce came through on the 14th Feb, but now I make it a celebration with family and friends!

  11. During December my husband surprise us by taking us to Plettentenburg Bay for our holiday even though we could not afford it, but he said lets enjoy what we can’t afford and we will try and survive the year with what little income we have. He is the most loving and kindness husband you will ever find.

  12. Most romantic gesture my partner did for me was a a surprise Mangwanani Moonlight Spa for Valentines Day with an overnight stay at the most amazing local Hotel/Resort

  13. For me my husband simply stopping in the middle of nowhere without warning and picking me a flower is the most romantic thing. The one time he even ended up all soaked because he went onto someone’s lawn to get me a rose and the sprinklers came on.

  14. I would have to say our first date was by far one of the most romantic days ever. It was completely unexpected but it was too romantic for words.

    It was Valentines Day two years ago… we were both single but had feelings for one another and decided to just have a date for the sake of experiencing Valentine’s Day. We had not booked a restaurant or anything, but managed to find a table at a restaurant that overlooked the whole of Johannesburg…. As the night progressed, we ate some sushi, along with some chow mein and dim sum and enjoyed each other’s company. The moonlight glistened on us which really added to the atmosphere. During this time, we both realized just how in love we were with one another…

    We spent the rest of the night together, embracing the fact that we had found love with one another. At the end of the night, he surprised me with a tiny box of chocolates. Needless to say, that sealed the deal and it ended with a kiss 🙂

    Two years on and we are still happy and in love. Valentine’s Day isn’t just a romantic day for us, but now also marks our anniversary as well as the day when we decided to seal the deal!


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