Top Five Tattoo and Piercing Parlours Around Joburg

In recent years tattoos have lost its stigma and moved from being associated with bad company to a form of art. Now, with a boom in demand, you want to walk around with a tattoo designed and executed by a professional, so it’s worth doing some research before committing to a single artist. Here’s a list of good guys for you.

FH 663

Fallen Heroes, Parkhurst

This tattoo parlour boasts a list of celebrities who have gone under the needle at the hand of its very skilful artists. From DJ Fresh to the guys from Locnville, these celebs boast great artwork. From old school to photo-realism, the artists at Fallen Heroes are all fine art specialists, proving that not only gangsters can look cool with neck tattoos. Thys Uys co-owns Fallen Heroes with his wife Jen and stands out among the artists at this studio because of his formal training in art.

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Black Lodge, Linden

With its eerie interior painted black and a life sized Cthulhu painted in white slinking around the room, the Black Lodge is treasure trove not only for those who are into tattoos and piercings but for those of us who enjoy weird and wonderful literature, such as H.P. Lovecraft’s short story The Call of Cthulhu. The Black Lodge is run by professionals for people who see the deeper meaning behind body art. Their star artist would be Sean Perrins who is known for being a great philosopher on the topic of tattoo as art form and strives to put an end to generic designs.

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Handstyle Tattoos 7th Street Studio, Melville

From its humble beginnings in Emmarentia next to a pub filled with old Irishmen getting their daily dose of Guinness, Handstyle Tattoos have proven itself worthy of sketching on the Joburg public. These guys specialise in old school tattoos but dabble in other styles with great success. Do yourself a favour and book a consultation. Wes von Blerk is the reason why Handstyle is so popular. His work leaps of the canvas and mixes old school design with a dramatic and colourful flair.

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Jaded Ink, Fourways

This body art boutique is situated in the heartland of Joburg’s northern side and shares its location with a handful of fairly popular destinations. Jaded Ink opened its doors in 2008 and is the brain child of an artist and an entrepreneur. Together they strive to bring their work to an upmarket audience under the most hygienic and professional circumstances possible. With 11 years of international and local tattoo experience, Dr Jade is owner and principal artist of Jaded Ink as well as the parlour’s most popular artist.

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Zen Ink, Boksburg

As its name sake, Zen Ink is a tranquil and humble little tattoo shop situated in the middle of one of Joburg’s busiest suburbs. What a lot of people don’t know is that this parlour boasts a secret weapon all the way from Beijing, China. Nina Wu has won numerous awards – including best female tattoo artist in Asia – and has become a well-known name in the Johannesburg body art community.

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2 thoughts on “Top Five Tattoo and Piercing Parlours Around Joburg

  1. Crew Mens Grooming has opened their new Store with the new owners Kyle Mundell in 90 Degrees on Rivonia and now offer Tattoos in-store as well an their artist is amazing

    Call Them

  2. From personal experience with Nina Wu (Zen Ink), I can honestly say I trust her and her work. Great, responsible human being and great artist.
    Her pricing is also fantastic.


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