Brauhaus am Damm

Set against a serious chunk of the Magalies mountain range, not to mention overlooking a dam, Brauhaus am Damm is a German brewery and restaurant situated only 20 minutes past Magaliesburg and definitely worth the drive. In fact the drive was half the fun!


Breweries are all the rage at the moment (and I’m not complaining); in fact the more the merrier as long as it’s done well. The last thing we need is to have young craft-brew enthusiasts having a dodgy experience and then being put off the entire scene in one fell swoop. Hype is driving interest at the moment but it’s quality that will sustain it and that’s where Brauhaus am Damm comes into the picture.

The Basics
Brauhaus am Damm is a brewery, brew-pub and restaurant just outside of Magaliesburg and they serve quality German inspired food and beers out of their picturesque newly built premises, situated alongside a dam and next to what I consider the ‘bigger’ part of the Magalies range. It’s breathtaking.

The Beer
They do four beers:

  • Brauhaus Farmers Draught – Their Farmers Draught is a perfect accompaniment to a hot day and is along the lines of what many call a ‘Lawnmower Lager’, which is basically a clear, light alcohol lager which you can sip rewardingly after a hot day of gardening without feeling too full or tipsy. A great all-rounder.
  • Brauhaus Pils – The Pils is a delicious Pilsner with slightly higher alcohol content than the Draught. It also boasts a fuller taste and is suited to those looking for something a little different to a Castle Lite but still maintaining an overall refreshing and light taste.
  • Brauhaus Dunkel – The Dunkel is a good balance of rich toasty flavours from darker malts and refreshing, Lager smoothness. Few South Africans are into darker beers but I challenge you to give it a try with an open mind, they really are very drinkable. I really enjoyed theirs and I plan to stock a 6 pack of these in my pantry for winter gatherings around the fire.
  • Brauhaus Weis – A clear and fresh wheat beer which is quite impressive because wheat often causes a little haze in the beer. It’s a great example of wheat beer and I think it’s one that will most likely go down well with the ladies.

The Food
The menu is not extensive by any stretch but they cover both German inspired meals like Eisbien and Schnitzel, as well as classic South African essentials like Piri-Piri chicken and Surf & Turf. Being a sucker for themes I ordered the Eisbein and loved it but I have to mention that it was a tough choice after I saw that their gourmet burger has Gruyère cheese stacked onto it… it did take me 20 minutes to order.

The Venue
Vast and varied are the adjectives that spring to mind when I think of the potential of this venue. It boasts an indoor restaurant as well as a massive deck area leading onto a tap room. There’s also a big sports bar downstairs that leads onto its own outdoor seating area and the whole sports bar looks onto the brewery. The brewery can actually also be seen through a glass floor in the main restaurant upstairs… I know, it’s too cool!

Why go?
The food is fantastic and the beers tasty but I enjoyed my whole day out, from the scenic drive to the chilled family ambience and the best thing is that it’s close enough not to HAVE to book accommodation out in Magalies.

Have a chat with the friendly guys from Brauhaus on their Facebook page or visit their website for loads more info.

by Byron Marais

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