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While this night’s final tracks will fade out at 4am, the vibe throughout will be nocturnal: music perfect for the hours before the sun hits the eastern horizon – heady and woozily celebratory beats that turn the idea of prime-time upside down.

The selectors entrusted with bringing the head-down house and twisted disco to The Hamptons dusky interior are jacking Matt James, rolling re-edit king Chris Keys and the heaviest hitter in the house, Phat Jack.

The latter will also show off his more head-nodding half when he drops beats of a doper, more broken persuasion upstairs, alongside former 206 breakbeat boss The Blunted Stuntman, and French expert in deep fried funk, Ben Montresor.

Fevered leftism upstairs, deep and twisted disco styles downstairs – it’s always 4am somewhere.

Venue: The Hamptons
Date: 27th of February, 2009
Cost: R30

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