47 On Grant Brings Turkish Fusion To Norwood

If you are in the mood for Turkish food then look no further than 47 On Grant – they have your back when it comes to spiced lamb and the like.

47 on grant 

Every now and then a restaurant comes along that we can’t help but get excited about. Besides, who wouldn’t bounce off the walls at the sight of Turkish food. This is where 47 On Grant comes into play. The restaurant itself is a chip off the old Eastern European block. Great attention has been paid to the interior of this fine establishment. It is as if one has stepped inside a cafe in Istanbul. On arrival you are served a complimentary cup of traditional Turkish tea to cleanse the palate and make you feel at home.  The smell of lamb and hummus and spice from the orient fill the air.

One thing that makes the food even more Turkish is that all the ingredients are sourced and comply with Halaal regulations. Dishes that stand out amongst the rest would be the mixed grill platter (served with Adana, urfa & beyti kebabs, chicken cubes,Chicken chops and salads) and the outstanding fusion dish, Sri Lankan curry. 47 On Grant serves a wide array of Turkish food which is inspired by the entire region. The country itself is a smorgasbord of culinary history. From Jidish inspired falafels to Persian roused shawarmas The Turkish diaspora is a true gem on the world map of good food. Each dish on the menu has been carefully constructed to portray the best in Turkish cuisine.

A restaurant can’t call itself authentic Turkish or Turkish fusion and not serve Turkish coffee. With 47 On Grant you’re in luck because they do – complete with a brass pot and all.

If you ever find yourself in Norwood do your inner-foodie a fat favour and head to 47 On Grant – you will not be disappointed. Just note that they do not sell alcohol as they are strictly Halaal after all. Come hungry and leave satisfied by the best in Turkish food Johannesburg has to offer.

For more information check them out on Facebook.

By Shawn Greyling

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3 thoughts on “47 On Grant Brings Turkish Fusion To Norwood

  1. Please spell pallet in your article as ‘palate’.
    A pallet is a structure made to transport/store items on.
    Palate is what you have inside your mouth.
    Thank you otherwise!

  2. I absolutely love the food here !! And the hospitality is amazing !! Although they can be abit pricey ! It’s totally worth it 🙂


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