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This tour is one of the most impressive day tours in the Joburg area.

In Soweto your tour guides gets joined by another guide that lives in one of the squatter camps and accompanies you during your visit of different squatter camps like the Nelson Mandela Camp and Kliptown Camp next to Freedom Square. You will visit a shelter for streetkids, a family, a shebeen and Regina Mundi Catholic church in Rockville where people meet to remember the victims of the uprising on June, 16th 1975. On this day four school kids got shot by the police. It happend after a demonstration of school kids that were against the official school language Afrikaans. The peaceful demonstration turned into an uprising and became headline in the news all over the world.

You can have lunch either at a shebeen (pap & stew for R20 – 25) or in a buffet restaurant (about R 75 for pap, salad, chicken, meat – all in all about 10 different dishes). You will see the original little house in which Winnie and Nelson Mandela lived before Nelson got put into jail at Robben Island near Cape Town. This house is now a museum not too far away from Bishop Desmond Tutu’s residence and the clinic where the victims of the uprising was officially declared dead. There is a monument for Hector Pieterson, one of the school kids that got shot and the Hector Pieterson museum has reopened on June 16, 2001.

All in all a very informative tour guided by people who live there. They don’t just show you the squatter camps but also the other parts of Soweto: Villas with neatly cut lawn and a Mercedes parked in the driveway. You will get the complete historic background of how Soweto came into life. You might even see Winnie Mandela who sometimes sorts things out at the family museum.

About 800 operators in the area doing personal tours to Soweto. The tour operator we are using is called Jabo and supports the people of Soweto with weekly donations for more than ten years now. Expect to be asked for donations for instance at the street kids shelter.

The history of South Africa lies in Soweto!

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