7 Windows 7 Shortcuts You Might Not Know

7 Windows 7 Shortcuts You Might Not Know

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Windows 7 launched internationally on the 22nd of October, and we’re very excited at the direction Microsoft has taken with its new operating system. To help the thousands of people who have already grabbed a copy of this awesome new release, we thought we’d go through a few of the OS’s lesser-known, but very handy shortcuts.

1. Window Snapping

Click and drag any window to the sides of your screen or the top, and watch the window automatically resize itself. Dragging to the left or right snaps the window into place on that side of the screen, but at half its width; this is excellent for positioning windows side-by-side. Pressing the Windows key and the up, left and right arrows does the same.

2. Minimising windows the easy way

Click on the title bar of the window containing your application and hold the mouse button down. Now, when you vigorously shake your mouse back and forth, all other application windows will be minimised. Repeat to maximise.

3. 3D Application Switching

Hold down the Windows key and press Tab. This brings up a screen containing all your open windows in three dimensions. Keep holding the Windows key and press Tab or scroll your mouse wheel to switch between them.

4. Pinning programs to the task bar

Right click on any program shortcut or .EXE and select “Pin to task bar”. This creates a permanent shortcut to the application on the task bar, next to the Start button.

5. Task bar shortcut shortcut

Press the Windows key and any of the number keys 1 – 0 to launch the corresponding shortcuts on the task bar.

6. Make all windows transparent

Press the Windows key and the spacebar to reveal the desktop by making all your windows transparent.

7. Minimise all windows but the one you’re working in

Press the Windows key and Home to minimise all other windows but the open one.

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