A Chat With Kamini Pather

To all the true foodies out there, Masterchef is the must-watch show, right? Well then you’re in for a treat! We got to chat to Masterchef South Africa season two winner, Kamini Pather, about what she’s been up to lately, her favourite Joburg restaurants and so much more!

A Chat With Kamini Pather

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Kamini, who won Masterchef South Africa in 2013, has been super-busy with her show, Girl Eat World, which she says has been received incredibly well internationally and is a real achievement for her. Life after Masterchef has allowed her to achieve her dreams!

During the month of September, Kamini also took the opportunity to create a GOLD-EN-GREEN pizza at Col’Cacchios with Butch James. It’s basically a no tomato base pizza with mozzarella, roasted nectarines, prosciutto, rocket, basil, pumpkin seed praline and balsamic glaze … sounds amazing!

Plus, the pizza can be paired perfectly with Tabasco Habanero Sauce – Kamini says if you can turn up the heat … why not! We got to chat to her about some of her other favourites:


1. What is your favourite spring dish right now?

Kamini: Anything with bright green pea puree! I made a lemon and garlic roast chicken and served it with buttery pea puree. The dish was beautiful and light, whilst still luxurious. Yes, butter is an ingredient for all seasons. Pea puree is also great with fish/lightly battered tofu/ricotta gnudi – THE BEST!


2. Where do you like to go to grab a bite?

  • PRON in Linden is amazing!
  • Post in Braam.
  • Daleah’s, which is also in Braam.
  • Parreirinha in the South of Johannesburg – the food was great, really homely and a great family place.
  • Warm & Glad – their coffee (Deluxe Coffeeworks) is the best!


3. Where is your favourite place to go to relax here in Joburg and why?

K: I love Emmerantia Dam. When I’m walking or picnicking there, it doesn’t feel as though I’m in the pan-African heartland of South Africa. The economic hub feels like a lifetime away and all I can think about is ducks and dogs. Perfect!


4. You love Joburg because people seem to make an effort here; what else do you love about this city?

K: I love the summer storms in Jozi. Those quick refreshers during an often hot and dust day or the majestic electric storms at night. There is something insanely appealing and nostalgic about the smell of hot tar.

The other aspect of Joburg living that I have noticed and adore is the ability to create a self-contained paradise. I have been to a few boutique hotels and restaurants where, once you are off the street, you are transported into another world. There certainly is a type of magic to be found here.


5. What advice would you give to aspiring chefs out there?

K: Anyone wanting to be in the food industry, whether it’s as a chef, a writer or entertainer, needs to eat more. Go to strange places and order the dishes that you can’t pronounce. Make foreign friends so you can eat with them. Educating your palate means widening your flavour horizon, which is all you need to succeed.

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