A Look Back At 2015: 10 Exciting Moments

It’s about that time where we say cheers to 2015 and hello to the New Year – are you as excited as we are? Let’s be honest though, there were a few unforgettable (not to mention super sweet) moments during the year, so why not take a walk down memory lane with us as we reflect back on them? Get ready for a whole lot of nostalgia, Joburg!


1. A Sugar & Sprinkles Overload: Krispy Kreme Comes To SA!

Few moments can compare to the arrival of the doughnut sensation that is Krispy Kreme. The city was abuzz as they opened their first colourful store in Rosebank Mall (which has recently seen its food court go through a revamp as well!). A few Joburgers even took the time to camp outside the Krispy Kreme store the night before the opening – were you one of them?

Or, did you miss out on all the fun? Don’t stress! You can look through some of the fun-tastic photos from the launch here!

A Look Back At 2015: 10 Exciting Moments

2. H&M Causes A Fashion Frenzy At Sandton City

International and well-known fashion brand H&M opened its first Joburg store in November, and the launch was nothing short of spectacular. From red carpets and the who’s who of SA’s entertainment scene, to cameras and clothing galore, this launch created a buzz and lived up to it, too!

Haven’t had a chance to check out the store and browse all their pretty items? Why not peruse the website here for a dose of style and sophistication?

3. A Sweet Sensation Ensues At The Lindt Store Opening

It’s clear that there was no shortage of sugary sweet delight in Joburg in 2015, as Lindt opened up a tasty little boutique in Sandton City. We’re talking about shelves and shelves of decadent, smooth Lindt chocolate – a dream for both adults and kids alike! Needless to say, there were countless smiling faces in the crowd that day.

Feel like walking down this sweet road again? Simply click here to see what happened on the night, and, of course, to ogle all that amazing chocolatey goodness!

A Look Back At 2015: 10 Exciting Moments

4. A Shopper’s Paradise: Forever 21 Opens Its Doors

Joburgers saw major retail activity this year with a number of store launches, including the stunning Forever 21! Again, shoppers from far and wide queued outside the store in order to be one of the lucky few to see this fashion paradise first. From dresses to shoes and everything in-between, Forever 21 definitely has it all!

In our opinion, you can find the prettiest outfits for any occasion at this store. Click here for all the important details.

5. BOUNCE Inc Has JHB Jumping For Joy!

The ‘bounce’ revolution hit the city in full force earlier this year and has now become a full-on sensation! From summer parties and a Tramp Camp, to a trampoline fitness programme, BOUNCE Inc has taken the definition of fun and turned it completely upside down. Did you jump at the opportunity to check this place out when it first opened? If not, there’s still time!

Stay in the know and have a look at BOUNCE Inc’s website for all the cool stuff that they have planned.

A Look Back At 2015: 10 Exciting Moments

6. A Kid’s Dream Come True – Hamleys’ Happy Fever Hits SA

If you’ve ever had to buy a present for a child and found it to be a bit of a mission, you’ll be happy to know that Hamleys has taken the strain out of shopping for kids –  this toy store is the perfect spot to spoil your little ones! As if their offering isn’t enough, the launch of the Greenstone Shopping Centre store was a full-on party with balloons, life-sized characters and a festive parade!

If Greenstone is a little too far for you, or if you’re keen to check out their recently-opened store in Nelson Mandela Square, click here for the details.

7. Gold Reef City Glistens With Grandeur After Revamp

This popular and super-luxurious hotel, casino and entertainment venue recently went through a revamp – and the new look is nothing short of spectacular. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, Gold Reef City now offers movies, 10-pin bowling, and a variety of scrumptious new eateries to tantalise your taste buds and treat the family to.

For all the details, click here! Be sure to pay them a visit and to take advantage of all their new and exciting additions.

A Look Back At 2015: 10 Exciting Moments

8. The Transformation Of Nelson Mandela Square

Change seemed to be the theme of 2015, don’t you agree? Nelson Mandela Square is a definite example of this! The Square has been going through a transformation of sorts with the addition of new stores and restaurants, including Tasha’s Café, Remo’s, Thomas Pink, Forever 21, Hamleys and so much more!

If you’re up for a shopping sesh at the new-look Nelson Mandela Square but want to know exactly what to expect, click here.

9. A New Day Dawns At The City Of The Sun

This year, one of SA’s oldest, much-loved family destinations announced that it would be embarking on a whopping R800-million makeover. Not only has Sun City added in a spunky, adrenaline-filled entertainment zone for the kids, but they have also opened up a few new eateries, and created a new, crazy slide for the kids (and you) to enjoy!

To get a full breakdown of what Sun City has planned, read our review here … and don’t forget to check out these awesome improvements for yourself!

A Look Back At 2015: 10 Exciting Moments

10. Aurelia’s Takes Dining To A New Level

For those that are lucky enough to live or work in close proximity to the luxurious Emperors Palace (or if you’d simply like to take a drive there), you can now take your taste buds on a scrumptious and elegant journey at their recently-redone Aurelia’s restaurant. Not only has the look of the eatery been re-imagined, but so has the food!

Get all the tasty details hereand perhaps book a romantic evening for two there the next time you’d like to indulge in some fine dining.

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