A Mediterranean Feast at Malagueta Edenvale

I’m always looking for new restaurants to test out – no matter what type of cuisine, I will be there! You only live once, so why not enjoy the little pleasures in life?

Someone I know had arranged a dinner at a new Mediterranean restaurant in Edenvale a while back as it seemed like a “cool new place” (as he stated). So, we took a trip into Edenvale to Malagueta, and all I can say is I will definitely be back to try out everything else they have on their menu!

As soon as we walked into Malagueta, we felt like family. The staff were extremely friendly and sparked up light conversation while we were deciding on what we would like to wet our beaks before taking a gander at the menu. Once we arranged drinks, we took a look around and checked out the venue. The stocked bar and bar area is inviting and spacious, and comes complete with comfy couches to relax on. We also took about around the outside seating area – perfect for those hot summer nights. And, if you have children, then they will definitely enjoy the outside play area!

Once we were settled, and refreshed after receiving our drink order, we went ahead and took a look at what they had to offer on their menu. The selection of dishes is impressive and we definitely had a hard time narrowing down the options that caught our eye. From meaty treats to cheesy pizza, they have everything! After about 30-minutes of decision making, I opted for the Trinchado while my friend opted for a prawns and calamari.


The portions are generous and the flavour was just delicious! The steak pieces in my Trinchado were perfectly cooked and tender, and I couldn’t help but mop up what was left of the sauce with some bread. Clearly, we had both enjoyed our meals as both plates were left clean! After dinner we sussed out the dessert menu, the variety isn’t too broad, but the options will definitely round off your evening on a sweet note. I just couldn’t pass up a serving of warm malva pudding served a dollop of ice-cream to round a good evening.


If you would like to find out more about Malagueta or simply want to pay them a visit, check out their Facebook page!

By Kim Brown

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