In 2 Fresh Farmers Market

In 2 Fresh Farmers Market in Linbro Park is an authentic farmers market.

My wife and I are complete suckers for a good food or craft market and are always on the lookout for something new to try out on the weekend. We love the idea that you don’t need a huge plan or itinerary to enjoy yourself. It’s all about walking up and down at your own pace and just taking things as they come. It might not be for everyone but after a hard working week in this crazy city I have to say that it’s exactly what the doctor ordered, always!

So with that in mind we headed out to the In 2 Fresh Farmers Market in Linbro Park on Saturday to check out their monthly market and I have to say that this is definitely not one of the modern urban markets or busy Fourways Farmers Markets. It isn’t set in a historic warehouse and isn’t attended by youngsters in Jordan sneakers and daisy dukes but that’s exactly what we liked about it! In 2 Fresh is a proper farmers market and in the truest sense of the term. Here you will find fresh produce, homemade foods and drinks and the odd homemade craft stall. It’s the kind of market you walk around and actually buy produce, not meet friends for drinks and it’s quite frankly a breath of fresh air!

The market takes place from 08h00 to 13h00 on the first Saturday of each month but I chatted to one of the organisers on the day and she mentioned that they would be doing a second day each month which will be held in a beautiful location in the heart of Modderfontein and that will start in November. It’s effectively a morning market and I like that because it gets you up when the day is still cool but also frees up the rest of your day for other activities.

In terms of vendors you can expect tasty treats such fresh bread, cheese and meats, wood-fired pizza made on location, jams and sauces, homemade juices, farm fresh groceries and a bunch of different confectioneries. I bought a big block of the tastiest gouda and a link of chorizo which I later used to make the best gourmet toasted cheese I’ve ever had. I’d strongly recommend! We also got some bread and a bunch of sweet treats, all of which were made with love and care and it shows in the flavour. There was a gluten free brownie there that my wife swears could stand up against a regular brownie.

Another thing I noticed while walking around is that children are more than welcome and in fact will probably have a blast. There are stalls specifically designated to keeping the kids busy and it won’t cost you a fortune like some other play areas in Joburg. I noticed kids building crafts not to mention running around the spacious and safe premises. With horse stables across the road and rolling greens making up the bulk of the market space you can’t help but feel like you’ve driven a couple hours out of Joburg. It’s a real breath of fresh air (pun intended).

Go back to your roots and head out to this true-to-form morning farmers market in leafy Linbro Park, you won’t be disappointed and with all the tasty fare on offer, it might even become your preferred way to shop.

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