A1 Grand Prix in Joburg

A1 Grand Prix in Joburg

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The roaring of 450 kW engines will be heard this February at Kyalami, following the signing of a pact between the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport and the Gauteng provincial government.

This automatically grants Gauteng the hosting rights of this three-day event, which is scheduled for Joburg’s Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit from Friday, 20th of February, 2009 to Sunday, 22nd of February, 2009.

The A1 Grand Prix World Cup of Motorsport brings the exhilaration of motorsport to billions of petrol heads around the globe. Unlike the much-loved F1, the A1GP pits nations rather than teams against each other. It requires more of a team effort, and ultimately there are three winners – the individual driver, the team and the nation.

It takes place over three days and brings all the excitement of motorsport to fans, while giving them an opportunity to interact with their countries’ drivers.

During the A1GP, 22 drivers from different countries – representing 80 percent of the world population – take to the tracks to contest on an equalised footing of finance and technology, making the success of the race entirely dependent on the driver’s valour and steering skills. The most challenging element is that the driver has to combine his wit with that of the team to create a performance advantage and a winning modus operandi.

Vehicles used in the A1GP are mechanically identical, pitted with many technical restrictions that limit their performance, reduce their running costs, and prevent the possibility of any team gaining an advantage through enhanced equipment.

It was started by Dubai’s Sheikh Maktoum in 2004. It then received the backing and endorsement of the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile.

The A1GP weekend race comprises two main races – a sprint that starts at 11h00 on Sunday morning for a maximum of 19 minutes plus one lap, and a features race with a maximum of 69 minutes plus one lap. The features race runs from 15h00 until 16h10, and points are awarded to the top 10 finishers.

Venue: Kyalami Race Course, Kyalami, Johannesburg.

Date: Friday, 20th of February, 2009 to Sunday, 22nd of February, 2009.

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