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Yudhika Sujanani, a brand ambassador for Spekko Rice, is this week’s celebrity cook. Describing herself as a South African Indian chef, she just published her 2nd recipe book – Curry me home again. Joburg readers will remember Yudhika and her innovative recipes from the previous “What’s Cooking?” section of our newsletter.

To find out more on Yudhika and her new cookbook, send her an e-mail by following the links alongside.

Yudhika has some sound “foodie” advice for readers.

1. Where do you shop for fresh produce?
At Broadacres Spar where they are incredibly helpful and ingredients can be ordered on request. I also love the fresh produce available at the Chinese market on Derrick Avenue in Cyrildene

2. Which markets do you like?
The Bryanston Organic Market, The Jozi Market

3. Which cooking schools do you recommend?
Wicked School of cooking and the Angela Day Kitchen

4. What is your favourite spice?
Seems like a terrible shame to name just one…..I love them all except aniseed. My favourites are red chilli, Safinter Smoked Paprika and Sumac. The list really does go on…there are just too many to name.

5. Favourite Food?
Indian, of course!

6. Where do you buy meat?
Our local Broadacres Spar has a resident butcher, Mr Pat and he is fabulous….he is happy to assist with the recommendations and also with preparing the cuts of meat according to my specifications.

7. Fish?
Tight line fisheries and Fisherman’s Deli

8. Which is your favourite restaurant?

My favourite restaurant is my home….where we always eat gorgeously delicious food which is created and designed for amazing friends and children….all the meals are prepared with care and love!

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