Action – For Blind and Disabled Children

Action – For Blind and Disabled Children

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Action would like to thank the wonderful business and private sectors of Gauteng for the constant support throughout the year.

Ruth Britz, one of the fund raisers who has been with Action for 4 years, would also like to thank the staff of Action and sponsors for their support after the sudden death of her husband on Friday, 15th of August 2008. Without their concern, love and constant support she would not have made it through and for this she is deeply grateful.

Actions students are now going into the final term of the year and will be doing their final year end exams shortly. Action is desperately needing funding to pay for these exams and will be grateful any funding forthcoming; the reason for this is that Action has purchased the building in which the Westrand branch is currently housed and this has left a major hole in the budget. To try and bring the budget up to scratch again is proving to be a mammoth task.

The fund raisers are working hard every day and are making applications and sending out proposals on a daily basis to help the students, many of whom come from under privileged sectors and cannot afford to go to private colleges.

Action received, for the first time in six years, funding from the government through the Mogale City Local Government. The funding received from Mogale City will be put into a separate account for the sole purpose of saving up enough funds so as to purchase a “demo mini bus”.

Zurich Insurers (Action’s insurance company) is holding a theme this year titled “Helping People to Help Themselves”.

Zurich’s focus is to raise funds for the Eagle Foundation trust fund and the charity of their choice and have held various events throughout the year. The Zurich specialist claims team have embarked on this mission to assist Action this year, so any funding that is raised by Zurich will be placed to into the separate account for Action’s “demo Mini bus”, which is now top priority.

As soon as the “demo mini bus” account has been opened it will be posted onto Action’s web site and any funding that you as a person or as a company would like to donate will go towards the purchase of the vehicle.

Rising costs and inflation have also put a lot of strain on Action’s budget which, as mentioned above, is in need of funding to also cover the overheads to keep the tuition centres running.

If there is a way that you as a business or private person can assist in this matter, Action will be deeply grateful.

Action’s Wish List
1. The refurbishment of the accommodation centre. (Top priority)
2. A mini-bus type vehicle. (Top priority)
3. Food for the students in the accommodation centre.
4. Motorised wheelchair for a CP student.
5. Wood-work materials and machinery.
6. Material for lamp shades and decent sewing machine.
7. Deep freeze and fridge (as the current fridge is too small to accommodate the students).
8. Stove with oven (as only two plates work and the oven is not working properly).

Action would also like to wish the Muslim community for Ramadan and the Jewish community for Yom Kippur.

Banking Details:-
FNB Key West
Acc No: 6204 696 0151
Br Code: 256955
Acc name: Action

Please consider Action’s request for assistance with merit.
Thank you for your consideration and for visiting the website alongside for further background information on Action.

Please contact Ruth on the details alongside should there be any information you may require.

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