Adventure Dating

Adventure Dating

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This hot new concept is the best way to meet like-minded people! If you’re adventurous, sick of trying to meet people in pubs or clubs and generally up for a good time then this is for you! It’s a unique concept based on the premise that people who enjoy similar activities generally “click” or at least have common ground to begin with! The activities are done in groups which allow people to feel more relaxed and give them the opportunity to meet all kinds of people and enjoy the day to it’s fullest! Adventure activities include Skydiving, Sandboarding, Dancing, Hot Air Ballooning, Paintball and more! Time is a-wasting so Join now and let the Adventure begin!

The Cost
As an opening special, the first 100 people to register get to do so for free! Thereafter, the initial joining fee is R149. This fee includes a brief meeting with you which allows us to find out a little bit more about you and exactly what you are looking for. There is a Right of Admission Policy, including background checks on all participants. This is done to ensure that you are only introduced to credible and up market potential mates!

The activities vary in price and you can choose which Adventure you would like to participate in. We organize everything – all that you need to do is arrive at the desired location! After the activity, we send you a feedback form in which you state who you felt a connection with. If the feeling is mutual, we will share contact details between the parties concerned.

All correspondence takes place via email and we will only share your details once you allow us to do so, making the whole process completely safe and anonymous. You choose your exposure throughout the Adventure Dating process and it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss out on!

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