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This is the ideal day out for those looking for something a little different to do! AFRICAN SWISS Restaurant at the Hartebeespoort Dam will be hosting a magical cheese & wine tasting on Sunday, 2nd of October between 11am and 3pm. All wines will be provided by Avondale, a producer of world-class premium wines and there will be a variety of national and international cheese on offer for you to sample. Costs are R32 per person for the wine tasting and R94 per person for the cheese & wine tasting. There is loads to do in the area while you are there – we think this is the perfect Summer’s Day out!


AFRICAN SWISS has earned a great reputation in fine cooking and is already one of the most well-known restaurants in Pecanwood and surrounds at the beautiful Hartbeespoort Dam. Even European high class magazines have written editorials of that unique concept of music lounge, architectural style and food that makes AFRICAN SWISS such a relaxing place.

About the wine-tasting

AFRICAN SWISS invites the cheese & wine lovers to meet AVONDALE great wines and also to taste a selection of international and national cheeses.

AVONDALE, situated in the slopes of the Klein Drakenstein Mountains outside Paarl, is a producer of world-class premium wines. We have “hijacked” wine maker Bertus Albertyn before he leaves to France to go to do harvest at Avignon and you will also meet Krige Visser, head of marketing of AVONDALE.

The cheeses we chose for you to test are from national and international producers. And because we are Swiss, we are sure to know what is really nice! The cost is R32 per person for the wine tasting alone or R94 per person for the cheese tasting. We also serve Raclette (melted cheese on potatoes) for R58, as well as Cervelat (Swiss speciality sausages) for R28 including bread and a cold drink). There will be no à la carte cooking that day.

Cheese & Wine tasting Menu:


Avondale Chenin Blanc

A very “un-Chenin” Chenin Blanc in that due to a fresher natural acid content, it’s more zippy and sexy than your usual flat fare.

Avondale Sauvignon Blanc

Made from grapes picked in full view of False Bay, this is a cool-climate traditional South African style Sauvignon, with balanced flavours of grass, asparagus and tropical fruits.

Avondale Rosé

Turkish delight. Strawberry yoghurt. So fruity you’ll think it’s a cold drink. Made from grapes picked from 18-year-old Muscat de Frontignan vineyards, this light red wine appear sweet but leaves a dry finish – superb to enjoy copious amount on a long hot day. Chill down to 13 ? Celcius.

Avondale Julia

Fruity and approachable, put together along the lines of the Bordeaux classics with Cabernet, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. But with a hint of seriousness to enjoy with light dishes (it easily has paste and pizza for lunch!) Remember, serve at 16 ? Celsius.

Avondale Shiraz

Earthy tones and mushroom and saddle, laced with sweet fruit flavours. An alluring wine, very close to Rhone style. Insist on 16?? Celsius serving temperature.

Avondale Les Pleusr Merlot 2000

Our flagship wine. A food wine. An excellently structured wine with mature fruit flavours, a wide and lush palate and never-ending finish. Bold and beautiful!


Gruyere – Kleine Rivier – An 8 month mature hard cheese that has received gold awards for 4 years running at the S.A. cheese festival and received gold at the World Cheese competition in London. Crispy texture with a nutty after taste.

Mon Sieur – Grand Brie – The taste of French brie is like no other. It’s part wild mushroom, part cream and as it ages, there is perhaps a shade of truffle. Origin is North West France.

The Portobella Range origins in Groot Drakenstein in the Western Cape. Production commenced in September 2004. All made from Ayrshire milk, primarily from the winning herd of 800 Ayrshire. The cheese is made without preservatives and involves no processing.

Toleggio – buttery, semi soft, subtlety sweet cheese.

Cassegio – Chilli or Pepper – creamy, slightly asides cheese combines with either black peppercorns or chilli.

Franschoek white – French styles, white mould cheese with a pale colour and a creamy taste.

Combrieni – French style white mould cheese with a supple but not to firm texture.

Indezi Stilton – with ceramic pots. Strong semi hard blue with a natural brushed rind. Flavour reminiscent of fruit and nuts that develop as cheese matures. Made with pure jersey milk.

The Indezi range of cheeses is produced in Northern Natal in the Midlands near Howick. Mostly goats’ milk is used. Other cheeses in the range are also kwaito.

Kwaito – Distinctive goats’ milk cheese produced in small rounds and wrapped in different colours wax. Produced plain, smoked or flavoured with red green or black peppercorns.

Morbier – Country of origin is Jura, N.E. France. Semi hard pressed cheese layer of ash running through the centre. Known for its luscious flavour, Morbier falls somewhere between Compté Gruyere and Vacherin.

New Zealand Epicoure – Cheddar mild to very strong hard pressed cheese.

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