Afrodesia – CD Review

Afrodesia – CD Review

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Afrodesia MP3 CD – Review

When a house CD seeks to understand the African soul, it needs to adhere to one condition; it must allow for the beats to tell stories. Africa is a continent rich with history and culture that has transcended from folklore and tradition. Afrodesia MP3 CD does just that. It tells an interwoven story from young African DJs all wrapped up into 2 fantastic African products by established DJs Christos and Static Plastic.

The first CD compilation encompasses the heart pumping soul of solid beats. The progression of the CD from The Phoenix – Bang Her, which sets the tone for the first CD, gradually advances into the melodic and rhythmic tunes of Andy X – Freedom which allows for just that; the freedom to move. The vocals of the Andy X’s track augments to the African love of vocal appreciation.

With elements of deep tribal and funky house in the first CD, the second CD takes on the personae of re-invention, combining new and fresh sounds both organic and electronic elements to close off a fantastic compilation. The compilation is all a cultural journey closed off quite poetically by DJ Modi – Dance is Kulcha.

African house music appreciate can be compared to modern day appreciation of the African lifestyle which is a diverse understanding of the influences of nature and industry. This CD is a testament that African house is destined for great things. The compilation can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home or in the car on you way to a club (which is ultimately the best place to showcase this CD). Viva L’Afro.

By Mamello “Mum-z” Mokoena

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