After Work Drinks, Anyone? But Where?

We talk after work drinks. Is it so wrong to want to have a drink with your friends after work so that whoever you’re going home to might live to see another day? We don’t think so (as long as you’re responsible about it, of course).

AfterWorkDrinks 3.31.49 PM

Wolves in Illovo is always a winner because, not only can you get great drinks, but their sandwiches and cakes are instant mood-lifters. It’s also generally pretty quiet.

If you’re up for a bit of a bun-fight but some of the best cocktails in Joburg, The Office in Greenside is the place to be.

If you want something other than your desk to see how good you’re looking today, stop by the Sun Deck at the Hyde Park Southern Sun for some mid-week sundowners with a stunning view of Jozi.

For a more urban setting, Randlords is a wonderful, relaxed venue for those to see (beautiful people and the city’s incredible skyline – in panorama) and be seen!

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