Aftercare For Tattoos & Piercings

Body art has always been celebrated in our society as a symbol of individuality and sometimes refreshing rebellion. Much as there is that element of rebellion, we can’t rebel against proper aftercare once tattooed or pierced. So, here are some easy aftercare tips for all you rebels out there!

body art aftercare

Tattoos Aftercare

  • Leave your tattoo wrapped overnight
  • Wash your hands before touching a new tattoo
  • Air dry or pat dry with a paper towel
  • Apply Bepanthen or Aquaphor after washing and whenever the tattoo feels dry
  • Repeat this process for about a week, no less than three days
  • Do not scratch or pick at the new tattoo
  • Do not use tanning beds or expose the tattoo to prolonged hours of sun
  • Do not soak new tattoo in hot water, shower instead
  • After the tattoo has healed, keep it moisturised and use sunscreen to prevent fading.

Piercings Aftercare

  • Wash your hands before touching a new piercing
  • Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or antibacterial ointment to clean new piercings, this will dehydrate the skin and can inhibit skin cells from regenerating and healing
  • Instead use warm salt water to clean your new piercing with a cotton-bud
  • Be gentle while cleaning to ensure the ball does not fall out and to prevent agitating the piercing
  • Do not play or scratch at a new piercing
  • Do not change piercing jewellery until the piercing has completely healed
  • Use lukewarm salt water or Listerine Zero for tongue piercing
  • For tongue piercing, rinse mouth after eating or smoking, and drink/ eat lots of cold products.

It’s always better to get your tattoo and/ or piercing done by a professional from an accredited parlour. To help you find a good parlour, click here for our top tattoo parlours. 

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