Ali Murray, Relationship Consultancy Presents: Goddess Dance(TM)

Ali Murray, Relationship Consultancy Presents: Goddess Dance(TM)

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For the distinguished in taste! Ladies, if you are interested in workshops that are relationship related and not club clutter, then this is the workshop for you. Enhance your relationship build self-confidence, self esteem and have fabulous fun. Ali Murray’s is the professional place to go.

Ali Murray will be holding her next Goddess Dance Compact workshop on Saturday, 4th and Sunday, 5th of February. Classes are held in Ali’s Private Dance studio – classy and safe. Melt your man this Valentine’s Day! If you are looking for the secret to a great relationship, want to tone your body, revitalize the mind and have fabulous fun, then this is the course for you. Ali Murray’s Relationship Consultancy is affiliated to top medical professionals and adheres to a strict professional code of conduct.


Ali Murray, founded Goddess Dance™ in 2000. Goddess Dance™ originates from Ali’s extensive worldwide research and practice of sensual dance disciplines. From ancient, to modern teachings.

Goddess Dance™ gives women an opportunity to re-connect with themselves, their sensuality, and femininity. To re-energize, revitalize, body and mind, and enhance intimacy within relationships while having an enormous amount of fun.

Goddess Dance™ is a celebration of Feminine freedom and fun.


Goddess dance™ is fun, exciting, inviting, sensual and empowering. It celebrates being a woman, makes you feel and look sexy and is taught in a classy and non-threatening environment. Through Goddess Dance™ we may invoke whatever image and experience we want to – from poles and props, to village maiden.

Goddess Dance is classy and sophisticated – Redefining sensual movement as a feminine art form.


Whether you are married, single, young or old, there are certain secrets that every woman should hold.

The workshops are aimed at giving women the opportunity to reconnect with themselves, their sensuality and their femininity.

Then Goddess Dance™ is waiting to celebrate with you.

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