All Creatures Great and Small…

All Creatures Great and Small…

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Whatiftheworld presents a vast and diverse menagerie of artists and media in their upcoming show All Creatures Great and Small. The exhibition explores the animal in various forms, from fuzzy toys to dark man-beast hybrids, running from the quirky to the macabre in a light-hearted, jam-packed show. The artists exhibiting make use of media ranging from bronze to stencils, etchings, paintings, ceramics and prints. As with all of whatiftheworld’s shows expect to find affordable, unpretentious pieces by young and emerging artists – the perfect opportunity for the budding art collector.

Participating artists include: Rowan Smith, Zander Blom, Ali Aschman, Murg, Merwe Marchand le Roux, Marna Hattingh, Tina Jensen, Jesse Breytenbach, Hannah Morris, knolc, Brandt Botes, Maya Marshak, Linda Stupart, Justin Poulter, Dave Scadded, Mike Saal and MilkiTösT.

Runs until Saturday, 11th of November 2006.

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