“Alone: The Search For Brett Archibald” Is Your Next Must Read!

Are you an avid reader and are looking for your next book to add to your forever growing collection? Then be sure to get yourself a copy of the captivating page turner, “Alone: The Search For Brett Archibald” by Brett Archibald.

What Is The Book About?

This story is not to be missed, and will have you captivated to the very last page. The book is about a true story of how a South African man had fallen overboard in the night during a storm in remote Indonesian waters, without anyone else on board realizing it. Eight hours later, a frantic search was underway. According to the experts, Brett should have died within 10 to 14 hours. But he chose not to die. Instead, for 28 and a half hours, Brett Archibald endured the ocean, the elements, the creatures of the deep, and his own inner demons.


Grab A Copy Now!

To grab a copy of this extraordinary story, visit Exclusive Books online, or at one of their stores, nationwide.

For More Information

For more information about Exclusive Books at Rosebank Mall and their latest releases, visit their website at www.exclus1ives.co.za.

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