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Kiddies Parties

Pooh Tea Party – Pooh invites you to join him at his special tea party! Take home a tea set and goodies (suitable for 4yrs and up)
Pirates Treasure Hunt Party – Lots of games whilst you’re searching for the treasure to take home!
Princesses Party – A chance to dress up in your beautiful dress. Lots of games whilst you’re searching for the jewels to take home!
Harry Potter Party – Experience Harry’s chocolate that Professor Lupin gives him for his fear! Lots of games pertaining to the movie!
Lord Of The Ring Party – Come and get your Bows and Arrows and many other goodies. Lots of games pertaining to the movie!
James Bond Party – James has many interesting weapons, take them home! Experience the thrill and excitement of games pertaining to the movie!
Robin Hood – Come and get your Bows and Arrows and many other goodies. Lots of games pertaining to the story!
Yu Gi Oh – A fun party with lots of games that need lots of strategy! Lots to take home!

If you’re planning a children’s birthday party, see the links alongside for how to get in touch with Amusement Marketing. Give them your ideas and they will put a special party together for you!

These parties are hosted at your home.

Teenage Parties

If you’re interested in a Teenage Murder Mystery Dinner – read on for more information in the plots and themes.

Plots and Themes:

Hot Times at Hollywood High.

It is November 23rd at the Hardest Rock Cafeteria in Hollywood. Eight of Hollywood High’s most popular students are gathered to celebrate their membership in the school’s “Most Likely” Club. The celebration chills when a fire in the science lab turns out to be arson. To make matters worse, test answers for the Meaningless Aptitude Test (MAT) are discovered missing from Principal Cy Kopath’s office safe.
Things are bound to unchill as the students try and decide who amongst them has been a “bad dude”

Roswell That Ends Well.
Allen Ian Abduxion, the most popular guy in town has arranged the Luau of all time at his cool Point Doom beach house. Star gazing will be but one of the events he has arranged. On arrival, it is discovered that someone at the party is seriously involved in extra terrestrial foul play. Area 51 and those mysterious happenings at Roswell take on a new mystery as guests try to work out who amongst them is not quite human!

Oh, and please do not feed Allan’s pet Iguana, “Cosmo”, this lizard has a strange diet !

Startrek – The next Generation.
It is Stardate 47729.75 aboard the Starship “USS ENTERPRISE”. Members of the Enterprise Away Team (EAT) have returned from the remote planet Delphi 4 with a remarkable discovery that will affect the future of the galaxy.
They have found the legendary and elusive “ORB OF KNOWLEDGE”. At a celebration banquet for the eight senior members of the Enterprise to announce the Orb’s profound discovery, excitement turns to dismay. The Orb is violently stolen and the EAT members must discover who amongst them has committed this terrible crime that has horrifying implications for the Federation.

Barbeque with a vampire.
Rock superstar, “Killian Killagan” has decided it is time to have a party, especially after having spent so much time recording the hit album “Spawned in the USA”. A barbecue seems a good idea, and so, eight of Jugular Spring’s most eerie teenagers have been invited to the star’s spooky castle on Deadman’s Bluff. On arrival at the castle it is discovered that someone there is guilty of turning helpless citizens into bats. Celebrating her birthday simultaneously, is the homecoming queen of Jugular Springs High, none other than the sweet and lovely Nora Flexion.
The meat is about to be put on the grill when the most spine chilling news is released – someone else has just been turned into a vampire bat!!

Who is guilty of these batty acts?

For more information visit the links alongside.

Adult Parties

Amusement Marketing also hosts fantastic Murder Mystery Dinners for the adult crowd. Contact them for more information on these events!

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