Android Versus iOS – Which One Is For You?

The debate has been going on forever! Which one is better, Android or iOS? We spoke to a tech expert to get the lowdown on which of the two main operating systems comes out on top.


There is nothing more frustrating than listening to a bunch of geeks wax lyrical on the benefits of iOS versus Android and their unnecessary need to toss Marshmallow and Lollipop in to the mix – making your tummy grumble while your mind boggles.

Never fear, in the Android versus iOS war, we’ve got all the facts to help you determine which operating system is best for you.

Let’s take it back to basics. Android and iOS refer directly to types of smartphone and tablet operating systems. Android was developed by Google in 2008 and is usually found on phone brands such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and the Nexus range (which you can order at various local online stores). iOS was developed by Apple is exclusively available on their range of products – so the iPhone and iPad.

So What Are The Differences?

Well, Android is open source, meaning anyone can develop apps for the operating system and you can customise it to suit you – you’re able to change almost anything. On the Google Play Store, there are more than one million apps and you can also find other app stores that let you download content. However, this is where the major Android downfall comes in – anyone is able to load up apps and change the Android system settings so, if you’re not careful about what you download, you could end up with a phone that doesn’t work or even a virus!

iOS, on the other hand, works off a closed source model and only allows certain open components. What this means is that apps on the Apple app store go through rigorous testing before being approved. There are also more than a million aps available and the system runs in 34 languages (Android runs in 32).

But Is It Easy To Use?

Both offer different usability options. Android has the option of apps and widgets (iOS doesn’t) while iOS offers the trusty Siri for voice commands. Both can run WhatsApp – so you don’t need to stress too much about the elusive iMessage. When browsing the Internet via your device, Android utilises Google Chrome but you can also download your favourite browser from the app store. iOS is rather fussy and only lets you use Safari (unless you download the Google package from the app store – then you can utilise Chrome or other browsers if you wish). Both operating systems also come with a navigation set up – sadly, Apple Maps are nothing but disappointing while Google Maps should always be your go-to, they’re great!

So Which One Is For Me?

iOS is cleaner, smoother and, if you’re already using a Mac, you’d be silly to venture away from the operating system (even some of our moms were able to figure iOS out in minutes and they’re extremely smartphone illiterate!). Android offers up far more in the way of customisation and uniqueness.

Ultimately, choosing the operating system that works for you all comes down to personal preference and style. Of course, when the new Windows 10 devices hit the shelves, you may forgo these two operating giants completely! Possibly a debate for another day?

By Samantha Wright

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