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The first line in the trend of comic books or the ‘Golden Age’ as it is referred to by the fans saw a newspaper publication throw all its weekly comic strips into a book and was therefore given the name Comic books. The first actual publication to gather fame and a strong following was the 1936 ‘Action comics’ which saw Superman donning his blue suit and heaving a car through the air on the front cover. The golden age had begun and Superman took-off… literally.

The golden age was looked at as the most powerful era in comics, with superman heading up the roster and making way for many others including none other than Spider Man and the Fantastic Four, which many dubbed the silver age in that it had changed the primary style of comic books from a linear story line to the more relaxed feel that was inherent in the Fantastic Four. Kids flocked out to corner cafés and bought their fix week after week, following story lines which have to this day reoccurred in pop culture (see Tarantino movies).

Now, many years on, comic books have made their third comeback with the return of the Batman franchise and Marvel Comics starting a studio with the sole intent of releasing old Marvel story lines, jacked up and fresh for cinema and the response has been phenomenal. Fans have coined the era the ‘Iron Age’ and are once again lining up for a taste of their old favourite characters and has therefore set flame to the imaginations of the younger generation, previously untouched by the comic phenomena.

Now hungry for comics and to catch up what has been missing from their lives the younger generation rove the streets, sagging pants dragging on the floor desperate for any sign that comic books are available for sale here in South Africa but with no assurance.

Don’t get to sad though, because now you can get all your comic book needs at one convenient location – AWX, Brightwater Commons. AWX (AnimeWorx) has everything from the cult classics (Fantastic Four) to the underground violence laden strips like Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter. AWX has a friendly bunch of staff, always keen to chat about rumored stock becoming available shortly and the merits of super natural powers vs bio-mechanical suits (or something that sounds like that). If there is a comic book aficionado in Joburg, he or she can be found skulking the many isles at AWX on the weekends trying to find the missing link in their collection.

Venue: AWX, Btightwater Commons (ex Randburg Waterfront), Republic Road
Date: Open weekdays (09h00 to 17h30) and weekends (Sundays – 09h00 to 15h00)

Join their club and get great discounts on your books and other collectibles.

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