Are you a DIY Diva?

Are you a DIY Diva?

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With training venues popping up all over the country, DIY Divas is the new way to network, meet like-minded women, have fun, and learn valuable skills that can easily save you money on home repairs and improvements.

The realities of divorce, single parenthood and the choice of empowerment have contributed to recognition that women don’t necessarily need a man to perform home repairs and improvement. The introduction of a veritable bonanza of do-it-yourself home improvement TV programmes over the past couple of years have given us positive, visible female DIY role models to look to for guidance, and the affirmation that “doing it yourself” can be a cost-effective and satisfying activity.

DIY Divas offer a range of workshops on and that range from an introduction to power tools to making your own furniture projects. The emphasis is on a relaxed, casual and fun atmosphere where there is no such thing as a stupid question – only unusual queries!

Each and every Diva attending the courses gains “hands-on” experience with a wide range of power tools, from a drill/driver right up to an impact drill. This method of training is intended to instil confidence in using the various power tools, and provide users with the necessary safety, knowledge and techniques to be able to perform tasks in their own home.

Established in 2007, DIY Divas now runs regular courses throughout the country in specific Builders Warehouse or Builders Express stores, and at their own DIY Diva venues across the country. Courses are held on a Saturday morning, although other days are available on request for corporate clients and team building.

Interested in finding out more? Visit the or websites for full details on venues and courses.

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