Art Deco City Tour

Art Deco burst onto the scene in Johannesburg with all the vigour and confidence of the economic recovery after the Great Depression. It is exuberant, even boisterous, boasting curving balconies to match the gleaming bumpers of the cars and pushing for the sky with towers – even topped with flag poles!

It was the Jazz Age, ocean liners racing to cross the Atlantic, all fun and ludicous and it’s still there to be seen. Starting with the elegance of London House and Howard House, the brass work in Maritime House (office blocks) the tour moves north past His Majesty`s and up to the residential buildings Anstey`s, Manners Mansions, Castle Mansions and up to Astor Mansions.

Venue: starts on Loveday Street, on the oorner of Main Street
Date: Sunday, 25th of March, 2012
Cost: R70 to R100

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