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Atholl Square

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Don’t miss Valentine’s Day at Atholl Square, or you’ll miss Valentine’s Day.

It’s Sandton’s very special neighbourhood centre, your metropolitan haven and the place to be no matter what your mood on Valentine’s Day.

Whether you think Valentine’s Day is a little bit corny or one of the most special days of the year, you can’t deny that staying at home is a downer of mega-proportions. So however you spend it – with your beloved, a friend or with family – share a little part of it with someone you love at Atholl Square. No matter what your heart desires, from a low-key but luxuriant meal to sizzling sophistication, you’ll find it at Atholl Square. Book now though, or you could be disappointed – and that’s the last thing you want on Thursday, 14th of February.

Choose from four fantastic eateries – Deli-C, Zucchini, The Gourmet Garage or Tashas CAFÉ – one of them will suit your style this Valentine’s. Join them for breakfast, lunch or dinner – and let them make your day this Valentine’s Day.

Pay them an electronic visit on the website alongside.

Better still, get along and see them.

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