Auckland – The City of Sails

New Zealand’s “City of Sails” is known so for its vast harbour. However, this forever young idyllic city also has a vibrant cityscape and peaceful islands.

Auckland – The City of Sails

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Auckland has exciting urban, wildlife and water activities, making it the perfect destination for those that want an escape from daily life whilst still exploring different aspects of the city and its vast culture.

What to do there?

You can explore the marine life at the Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari or at the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. But if sailing in the ‘City of Sails’ is more in line with your ideal Auckland experience, then perhaps an afternoon sunbathing on a yacht sounds more appealing … how could it not?

As every human must survive the urban jungle and equally enjoy it, the Sky Tower is a must-visit in the city. Travelling 328 metres up the tower in glass-fronted lifts, the adrenaline rush is all so worth it once you reach the spectacular viewing platforms … you get the best views of the entire city! And, if you happen to enjoy a little more adrenaline than most, you should definitely try the Sky Walk or the Sky Jump.

Fancy a more outdoorsy activity? If you like picnics, talking long walks, or you are simply a holiday hiking junkie, there are dormant volcanic cones you can hike up – from here, you’ll be able to enjoy scenic views of the city. Have a look at Mount Eden, Mount Hobson or Mount St John.

Where to stay?

Take a look at the various accommodation options here.

How to get there?

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