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Axiz was founded in 1989 to be a specialist component distribution company. Since that time the company has grown to include a comprehensive offering of IT infrastructure.

Axiz provides technology intelligence and innovative thinking to reseller business partners when they buy quality products from market leaders HP, Microsoft, Intel, Kingston, LG, Lexmark, Asus, ACER, Genius, as well as its own brand.

As a company they are proud of their employee’s knowledgeable and in-depth understanding of the IT sector and continue to prove their commitment to innovation in finding new and better ways to deliver business to its reseller partners.

Axiz is an employee owned company. The Axiz Employee Ownership Trust was created in 2003 when the founding shareholders sold shares to an Employee-Owned Trust (EOT) at a fair price. The founder shareholders believe that a motivated and participative workforce is one of the keys to the success of Axiz.

The company is committed to building a sustainable organisation that actively contributes to a sustainable economy for Africa by striving to build its business on Environmental, Social and Economic Capital, and is a pioneer, innovator and leader in its sector through the implementation of its Ledibogo Partner Programme, as well as other initiatives such as founding and supporting Inqolobane (the Employee Ownership Association Africa, and Qhubeka (the Motive Power Movement,

To find out more information visit the Axiz website (click on the link alongside).


– Belkin USB Reader

– Premier feature rich leather notebook attaché case

– Axiz USB Flash

– Axiz MP3 Player

– Kingston SD cards

– HP nx6125 notebook

– Genius Speaker Set

– Genius DV Handy Cam

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