Bacon and Toast Cups

Quick and easy bacon and egg cups are the best way to start your day.


Sure you could have bacon and eggs with a slice of toast for breakfast, but we’ve seen that way too many times on Instagram. Up your #instafood game by making these bad boys. Make a tray or two and share them with your loved ones… or hide in the cupboard and eat them until there’s nothing left.

4 slices bacon (don’t do thick cut bacon)
2 slices of toast
2 tbsp grated cheddar
4 eggs
salt and pepper

1. Pre-heat the oven to 200°C
2. Lay the bacon onto a cold non-stick skillet, turn the heat to medium, and let it cook for about six minutes, then flip and cook for another four minutes on the other side. The bacon should still be pliable so you can wrap it around the edge of the cupcake tin.
3. Use a cutter to cut out little circles of toast, just big enough to fill the bottom of your muffin tin. Place the toast in your muffin pan, then wrap the partially cooked bacon around it.
4. Distribute the grated cheddar cheese among the four cups, then crack an egg into each cup.
5. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, then bake for about 12 minutes. Keep an eye on it though, you don’t want these buggers to burn.

Recipe inspired by Bacon-and-Egg-Cups-with-Guac-Kale-Mole-iowagirleats-07b_mini

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