Ballito is a fantastic place to visit for a getaway that’s not too far out of Joburg. It’s just 40kms north of Durban and boasts a stunning coastline and plenty of things to do!


Why go there?

Simply put: Ballito is beautiful. It’s also known as the Dolphin Coast, because of the many bottlenose dolphins that can be seen in the area so be sure to keep your eyes peeled when you visit the area.

The beaches are great, for both swimming and fishing, and the water is warm. Remember to pack your sunscreen, swimming costume, towel and fishing gear! Note that if you want to fish for mussels, crayfish and oysters, you will need a license.

How far is it?

Ballito is six hours and four minutes away from Joburg.

Best time of year to go?

The weather is great all year round, making Ballito a great destination regardless of the season. It’s extremely humid in the middle of summer, which is from January to February.

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