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Celebrate your femininity and discover your persuasive power and presence

August 2007 marks South Africa’s annual national “Women’s Month” which aims to not only honour and highlight the achievements of the women of our country but to inspire and encourage women to reach their full potential.

This women’s month, BDG Communications is aiming to not only honour women but assist them in achieving their own goals through a series of persuasive power and personal presence educational workshops from Wednesday,15th of August 2007 through to Wednesday, 19th of September 2007 in Johannesburg.

“I believe women who stand up and speak out in order to be heard have an innate strength that will not let them be silent in the face of difficulty. We believe women should take back their voices and be truly heard. I encourage women across South Africa to join us in discovering our very own persuasive power,” says Charlotte Lavine of BDG Communications.

But what is “persuasive power and presence”?

Genuine power is an inner strength that is composed of being appropriately assertive, knowing your rights and being respectful of the rights of others. Being appropriately assertive happens in the conversations we have, in all situations and in every walk of life.

Have you ever wondered how some individuals have the ability to get things done effectively in a mutually beneficial manner? Or how they manage to maintain their integrity at all costs and how they artfully seem to know just when and how to use compassion?
The answer is simple – they have persuasive power and presence.

How would you like to be able to do the following?

– Walk into a group and project confidence, capability and integrity
– Know when, how and where to be assertive
– Understand how to manage gender stereotyping
– Have the self confidence and conversational skills to handle difficult people and situations
– Manage your emotional roller coaster and not get hooked
– Handle conflict and negotiate effectively
– Communicate with honesty and compassion
– Enjoy and celebrate being who you really are
– Continue building your persuasive power and presence
– Look into you minds eye and ask what gifts you might like to give yourself to increase your self worth and personal value.

Look into your mind’s eye and ask what gifts you might like to give yourself to increase your self worth and personal value.

Charlotte Lavine of BDG Communications continues, “At BDG Communications we believe that every woman deserves respect for who she is and the invaluable contribution she makes as a person. Whether she is a sibling, a colleague, a mother, a manager, a CEO, a minister or a president she has earned respect. You have to know how to command respect from others, That is the ultimate challenge. During our six week journey we will empower women to take back their voices and re-discover their persuasive power and presence.”

Where, when and how?

Dates: Wednesday, 15th of August to Wednesday, 19th of September for the first of this series of six-weekly three-hour workshops: – restricted to 12 delegates per series.

Time: 16h00 for 16h30 till 19h30

Venue: Melrose Arch Hotel, 1 Melrose Square

Investment: R6000 (+ VAT R840) per delegate for the six, three-hour workshops. This includes a beautiful leather Filofax and notes.

Join with an open mind and leave with the knowledge to think out of the box, handle difficult situations, improve your assertiveness and handle your fears. You will leave empowered by the strength to stand up for your rights as a proudly South African woman.

What are you waiting for? Call or email Marie, or visit the BDG Communications website to reserve your seat to success. (Details alongside)

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