Beat holiday boredom

Beat holiday boredom

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I have been asked where you can take children during the holidays, as well as family and friends who visit. Here are some of the places that might prove to be popular.

Maropeng – in the Cradle of Humankind, is a must. It combines a world class visual and interactive journey back into the origins of humankind, as well as looking at our continuing journey into the future. Good restaurant.

Sterkfontein Caves – they may be combined with your visit to Maropeng or visited by themselves.The site of many important fossil discoveries. A fascinating place with good tours.

For those who enjoy wild life
The Johannesburg Zoo – it has been upgraded and developed and is attractively laid out.

Lory Park – In Midrand. A much smaller and more selective home for birds and animals with some delightful opportunities to make contact. Cubs to be petted, parrots who love having their heads scratched, and a Bengal Tiger on a leash! Some children may want to join in the Ranger Days.

Montecasino Bird Gardens – Explore a magical world of birds, small animals and reptiles. Lovely gardens with a delightful walk-through aviary. Feed the birds as they cluster on your hands and arms!

Lion Park – Enjoy Cub World with small and not so small lions! Drive through the different camps and watch the lions and lionesses as they wait for food, prowl the roads and grass fields and, occasionally, chase a car! Majestic!

The Military Museum – next to the Johannesburg Zoo. Covering mainly the Anglo-Boer and World Wars. Planes, guns, tanks, uniforms, medals and photographs.

The Apartheid Museum – next to Gold Reef City. Incredibly moving and with very good displays and audio-visuals. Life changing.

The Transport Museum – Meet Texas Jack and the Boneshaker! From old cape carts, surreys and mail coaches, to cycles, early cars, fire engines and buses there is an amazing and fascinating collection.

Just Fascinating
Lindfield House – A gracious Victorian maid welcomes you and guides you through a lived in and packed Victorian house, where it seems the owners have just left for a short time! Followed by tea on the verandah! Absolutely wonderful.

African Craft Market – Rosebank. Browse and buy to your hearts content. Small stalls with articles from all over Africa, hosted by people who love to chat.

Oriental Plaza – Fordsburg. A plunge into another world. Exotic, mysterious and sometimes plain ordinary. Everything from a Liverpool FC bathmat to exotic eastern dress, from colourful drapes and fabrics to drills and chisels. Bargaining is part of the fun.

Taking into account location, service and food.
Franco’s – Parkview. For me, simply the best. Magnificent food and excellent service.’s.html

La Rustica – Houghton. Great setting. Rustic and homely. Food and service good.

Moyo – Zoo Lake. African decor. Very attractive outdoor area. A different experience for visitors.

Let me know if you have any good experiences to add to the list!

Life is too short for all there is to experience and share – don’t waste it

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