Beat the blues

Beat the blues

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Beat the January blues this year with a few great ideas on keeping your mind and body busy so as to not harp on the unfortunate truth that the work year has started all over again.

Below is a quick look at the Top 3 back-to-work-blues-beaters.

Funtastic is a family musical with dancers, acrobats, aerial artists and great singers performing hit songs. This family show is happening at Silverstar Casino in the Silverstar Centre and will cost you R50. Read more

Audi Joburg Fashion Week
The fashionistas and industry workers in Joburg will be pleased to hear that the Joburg Fashion Week is taking place later this month. This event highlights some of the winter fashions that will start showing their heads in autumn. The Audi Joburg Fashion week takes place in the Sandton Convention Centre on Wednesday, 20th of January to Saturday, 23rd of January, 2010. Read more

Valley of the Waves
Feel like a mini-holiday? The Valley of the Waves at the Lost City are running a summer special which will see guests paying R200 at the gate. This will include Sun City resort entrance, Valley of the Waves entrance, burger meal at Mochacho’s, Nestle mud sludge ice-cream, Local beverage (cool drink), 50% discount on a Jet Ski hire at Waterworld and 10 Magic Company tokens for use inside the Valley of Waves. Read more

Jen Tile: Straight out of Norwood

The team welcomes Jen Tile to the team. Jen is a social commentator who will be sharing her views on all things entertainment. We should warn our readers though, Jen is not known for her tact and has an uncanny ability to upset the apple cart. Each week she will end our entertainment column off with her take on celebrities and related issues.

We have heard rumours that the only reason she moved to Norwood was to stalk Danny K, but Jen categorically denies this.

Hello dear readers!

The festive season started off in the same manner as my honeymoon – with a bang. World Cup fever has hit South Africa, which is good because the last fever I got was Malaria. Every shop I visited in December was stocked with 2010 merchandise that to me seemed a bit pricey.

Now I’m not saying that we should be producing items that are like Paris Hilton, cheap and tacky, but as someone who turns over every penny twice I can’t part with the R1000 they are charging for an official match ball. No, instead of soccer paraphernalia I bought my nephew a CD for Christmas. It was filled with hits from all the latest artists, one of them being Mariah Carey.

I admire Mariah Carey for one reason – she has confidence. If my thighs were that size I wouldn’t wear such skimpy clothes. I can assure you ladies, men don’t mind a large girl but if you are a plus size and you wear tight clothes, particularly something with straps, you may resemble a rolled ham.

If I made a fool of myself every time I spoke in public, I certainly wouldn’t try anything over the top during an awards acceptance speech, particularly if I had been tucking into a few bottles of wine. What a wonderful thing it must be to have no clue that the whole world thinks you are the intellectual equivalent of a potato.

It’s been lovely sharing my thoughts with you, please feel free to share yours with me by clicking on the link below. I would fear some form of backlash from Mariah, but to be honest, I don’t think she will work out how to use the link.

Till next week!

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