Become a World Class Soccer Fan

Become a World Class Soccer Fan

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The Become a World Class Soccer Fan Campaign is the first of it’s kind in South Africa offered only by Weekends Away.

What are Makaraba’s?
Traditionally worn with pride by soccer fans around the world, these decorated hard hats are uniquely sculptured and hand painted. The bright colours and shapes of the Makaraba add to the visual excitement in the stadiums of every sports event to which they are worn.

What’s the Diski Dance?
Forget the macarena. Forget the moon walk. South Africa’s own Diski Dance is set to get the world jiving to an African rhythm when the football World Cup arrives on the continent for the first time. You don’t want to be left out whilst the rest of South Africa jams together in unison to the hottest dance this decade. Their professional dance instructors will ensure that your team has perfected the moves by the end of one session.

Guided by entertaining facilitators, each member of your team will be provided with a Makaraba, a Vuvuzela and all art supplies needed. Participants will have to design and decorate their own Makaraba’s to be the emblem of support representing your company and South Africa at the World Cup. Through the playful medium of paint, participants will explore various elements of “design thinking” to create their ideal official company/team makaraba.

Together with the VUVUZELA and the right dance moves, your team will become “Loudly Proudly South African“ and World Class Soccer Fans.

Each session will be customized for your group – you give them your requirements and they make all the arrangements. Make-a-Makaraba can be brought to your office or venue of your choice.

Weekends Away is a Business Tourism Company and an Adventure Agency.
Their hallmark is combining the more serious side of your business needs and mixing them with an element of fun, sunshine, laughter and the outdoors through teambuilding, learning and conferencing.

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