Become A Tourist In Your Own City

December is the best time of year to turn into a tourist in your own city. Here’s our top guide to lekker spots to check out while the rest of the city is hanging out at the coast. 

A Dlala Nje Inner-City Tour

Dlala Nje is not just a social enterprise, it is a platform for expression aimed at the next generation of Joburgers growing up in Hillbrow and neighbouring inner city suburbs. The NGO was started by two residents, Mike Luptak and Nickolaus Bauer, and is situated at the base of Ponte City. Dlala Nje, a Zulu phrase meaning “just play”, is a safe haven for inner city kids with no place to go. The two run an entertainment and education centre which boasts an array of games, workshops and arts-based activities. One of the NGO’s aims is to obliterate the terrible stigma the inner city is often associated with. To most people, Hillbrow brings up thoughts of prostitution, drug peddling and violent crime. In reality this is very far from the truth.


Bungee Jumping In Orlando 

You’re afraid of heights – we all are – but sometimes it’s good therapy to overcome certain fears. Why not beat the bat by bungee jumping between two decommissioned energy silos in Orlando? It’s safe, it’s fun and you learn so much about yourself once you let go and take that leap of faith.


Nod Off In Braamfontein

We recently partied it up in Braamfontein after dark and like responsible adults, traded the drive home for a stay at the Bannister Hotel on De Korte Street. We highly recommend you check out this cool kid hotel in the heart of Joburg’s sneaker capital. Home to “Joburg’s smallest sushi bar”, The Bannister Hotel rocks all things cool to chow down on. The stay is comfy and the staff stellar, to say the least.


Take A Trip To Mexico… Without Leaving Joburg

With a second venue now open in Montecasino, La Rosa Mexican Grille and Tequileria is climbing the Latin cuisine ladder in Joburg at a good pace. If you’re looking for an authentic tequila experience then La Rosa is the place for you. Skip the salt and lime – it’s wrong anyway – and drink your shots straight, chased with a non-alcoholic sangrita (which means “little blood” and is made up of tomato juice, orange and lime juice, and something spicy). La Rosa prides itself on having an extensive list of tequila, and to divide fact from fiction when it comes to the teaches of tequila (for instance, agave is not a cactus but part of the lily family – who would have guessed?)


Get Lost In Sandton

Yup. We went there. Get yourself lost in Sandton. Go do some people watching on Nelson Mandela Square, trod the streets in search of hidden gems, and snap some pics for Instagram. All in all, go and explore Sandton like never before. The best time to do this is midway through December when Joburg turns into a ghost town… and as a plus, Sandton is a beautiful space thanks to the many architectural masterpieces that make up its skeleton.

Become A Hipster In P-Town

Hipsters always know the coolest spots in town. Why not grow a beard and check out places such as Ginger & Fig, the most classic, cool, comfortable and casual hipster eatery in the whole of Pretoria. Ginger & Fig in Brooklyn serves some of the best burgers, brunches and coffees we’ve come across in a while. Other than that, there’s a bunch of random places such as Capital Craft and Lucky Rodrigo that will keep you entertained for days on end.


By Shawn Greyling

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