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Bedtime Stories

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Bedtime Stories is the first series of South African books written for children with same-gender parents. The story books explain to children that their family is just as normal as the next, and that they can be proud of where they come from.

The first series of books, My Family Series, aims to provide same-gender parents with story books that they can spend time reading to their children. The books are written in such a way that they are easy enough for a child to understand, but at the same time instil excellent values in the mindset of the child about their gay or lesbian parents.

In today’s generally homophobic society, it is imperative that children with same-gender parents have a solid foundation of pride that their parents are just as normal as any other parents. Children need to know that whether their parents are gay or straight, black or white, or even multi-racial, that they are still loved very dearly by their parents.

The Bedtime Stories: My Family Series is not only for children with gay or lesbian parents – even children with hetrosexual parents can benefit from the story books. Children with hetrosexual parents need to be exposed to the fact that we live in a very diverse world, and by doing this children learn not only respect, but also love for others, regardless of the sexual orientation of their or other children’s parents.

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