Beerhouse Opens In Joburg!

Craft beer is all the rage at the moment, but amidst this frenzy for good beer I’ve noticed a trend where establishments tout themsleves as a craft pub when they actually only have five beers on tap. It’s a simple way to bring a swarm of punters in but really doesn’t do anything for consumer confidence. I heard about the Beerhouse on Long Street in Cape Town way back when they first opened and always wished they would open a branch in Joburg – and now that dream has become a reality. Find out what makes Beer House Joburg’s new big thing in the craft beer world.

The idea behind Beer House is to curate some of the world’s best beers and put them up next to a quality menu and a great atmosphere. They proudly boast 99 beers in total and you can expect a few additions along the way too. It’s really a beer lover’s dream come true and I see that making the difference in the long run.

I was invited to their launch announcement evening on Thursday and got a brief insight into their plans for the future and I have to say, I’m excited! Chatting to the manager I was able to establish that they intend on having a massive 20 beers on tap and the remaining 79 in the bottle. Another interesting thing was that they won’t be serving the exact menu they have in Cape Town, but are rather adapting it to include local brewers like Three Skulls and Draymans.

They explained how they have passion for the industry and that they instill that passion into every facet and role in the business, from managers down to waiters. They train and most importantly taste beers to get a rounded knowledge which is helpful in advising and and educating inquisitve customers at the same time. A real step up from your average five tap pub popping up everywhere these days.

They are sadly only opening doors in July (date still to be confirmed) so I never got to try their food or see the place in full swing but from their approach to beer and passion to spread the word, I can see this being the holy grail of craft in Joburg from the day it opens. Situated conveniently at the Pineslopes Shopping Centre in Magaliessig (Fourways), not far from Stones – you can’t miss it!

By Byron Marais

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