Must-Try Cupcakes from Belle’s Patisserie

We all deserve a little something sweet every now and then so Belle’s Patisserie sent us their new range of cupcakes to savour. Here are the results…


Recently Belle’s Patisserie sent us two batches of cupcakes to review. Who’s going to say no to free sweets, am I right? Exactly. After we boiled the kettle and made sure everyone had a cup of tea, we sunk our teeth into the five different flavours the patisserie had sent us. After dividing the ‘different takes on the classic cupcake’ up amongst staffers, we got down to business.

The general consensus was that none of our lives would be the same again, after this tasting. Our sub editor, Nandini had the toasted coconut, “I liked that it wasn’t an overpowering coconut taste yet I still knew I was eating a coconut-flavoured cupcake.” The cream cheese and roasted coconut frosting and soft vanilla sponge is what makes this cupcake a winner.

Nicole, our editorial and content manager tried the Nutella cupcake. “You can never go wrong with chocolate,” she said. The rich and creamy texture of the sponge mixed well with the hazelnut cocoa spread. The frosting is what makes or breaks a cupcake and, in this instance, the frosting had turned this cupcake into a winner times ten.

Our CEO, Ryan was tasked with trying out the Salted Caramel cupcake. This was the most interesting looking cupcake out of the bunch. It was topped with cream cheese icing, caramel and popcorn. Yes, popcorn. Ryan said that the popcorn-clad cupcake was ridiculously good.

To Neo, our resident lifestyle journalist, the apple and cinnamon rendition was a revelation of warm flavour – seeing as we did the review in winter, it was a welcomed treat. The taste to her was out of this world. Notes of apple pie crept up on her tongue and reminded her of warm summers spent swimming and climbing trees.

As for the pecan nut chocolate cupcake, we passed that on to the new guy, Shawn, for his opinion – even though he’s not a fan of sweet stuff. He described it as a little piece of heaven sprinkled with crushed nuts. The sponge was gentle and soft, and the pecan-infused topping was not too sweet and had a powerful finish.

The overall vibe was that though it was a sugar overload, every bite was worth it. Do yourself a solid and try out these cupcakes from Belle’s. Fair warning: you can’t have just one.


Images by Cleopatra Shava

Words by Shawn Greyling

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