Benkei Illovo Japanese Restaurant

Benkei Illovo Japanese Restaurant

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Benkei Illovo opened for business on Father’s Day 2004. Executive Chef, Yasunori Iwata, started his chef career in Tokyo, Japan 21 years ago.

Benkei Illovo is not a sushi bar, but a Japanese restaurant offering teppanyaki (steaks, seafood, chicken) on the flat top grill where the chefs cook in front of the customers; tempura (light batter, deep fried seafood and vegetables) kitchen menu with kebabs, soup noodles, salads etc, and an extensive sushi menu.

They are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. They have a small select wine list, with most of their wine available by the glass (250ml). Benkei Illovo have recently started a Preferred Guest list, which all customers have the choice to join. On joining they receive a once off 10% discount voucher and then there after guests get sent a promotion or special offer via email once a month.

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