Beside Still Waters

Beside Still Waters

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Plumari Game Lodge is one of these places. It is situated on the Plumari Africa Game Reserve in the Magaliesberg, just over an hour’s easy travelling from the city. We eased in towards 15h30 and were warmly welcomed by Pamela and her staff.

The Lodge is built in a semi-circle around an Elephant Pool. Our chalet was on the edge of the Pool surround, with an unrestricted view over it, and the valley beyond, towards the misty hills in the distance. Immediately I relaxed.

Every day the resident crocodile basked in the sun, and two hippos frequently arrived to soak and laze in the water. Buck came and grazed on the food left for them, and the elephants arrived daily and walked on past our chalet. In the early mornings and the late evenings, we sat on the patio and watched and listened. The lonely call of the jackals, the deep grunts of the hippos, the haunting and liquid song of the Oriole, and the always insistent undertones of the bush, brought a peace and wonder.

It was an easy stroll to the main lodge, for a drink and meals, and to the Lapa where, one evening, we enjoyed a superb meal around a blazing fire. Breakfast we took in the sun, on the large deck overlooking the Pool. The food was very good, and the service excellent.

After breakfast one morning, Elias took us up the hill at the back of the Lodge. He was a remarkable guide and pointed out the different plants and leaves whilst explaining their medical properties and applications. A certain leaf could be chewed, if you were nauseous, and it made everything ‘go out below!’ We took his word for it. He led on to some of the flat stones lying in the grass, with animals scratched onto their surfaces – some very faint, others quite clear – and told us stories of the people who had lived there, and left these messages behind them.

The next day Lucas walked us up to the Saddle – a small depression in the line of the mountain top. It was quite a climb, through bush and over stones, but exhilarating. The views on the way, and from the top, were glorious. We looked out over sun-warmed valleys, watched the cloud shadows drift along, and turned our faces into the sweet-smelling breeze. Lucas told us that if he could, he would come up every day, “just to look.”

The game drive started with our being taken to a spot where 3 lionesses were feeding on a waterbuck. A jackal hovered at a safe distance. The male, at that stage, was some way away sleeping royally in the long grass. It ended with a face-off with a family of Rhino. The mother and calf were on one side of the track, the father on the other. His every muscle seemed to say, “Just try me!” We didn’t, but circled quietly away. It was, after all, his territory.

As an added bonus Plumari boasts one of the largest private collections of ox wagons, carts and other animal drawn vehicles from the period 1800 to 1900. Their website is good, and gives more information, as well as their rates and directions. We enjoyed it greatly, and look forward to returning.

There is a stillness within, which leads to truth and beauty.
Find it, and yourself.

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